July 2018 Specials

Summer is a wonderful season, but the heat and humidity take it's toll on our bodies, health, and aging process. Much like the tip of an iceberg, our body and our skin ages every day, but you may not notice these signs until they build up to a point when they suddenly become visible. It’s called the “tipping point”. Our skin and body respond with tight, sore muscles and skin that is sallow and wrinkled. Our specials this month focus on helping you relax and de-stress, giving you revived skin and body!


1 Minute FaceLift Facial

An intense anti- aging facial treatment corrects the signs of aging and protects your skin against the damaging effects of time.

The 1 Minute FaceLift Facial combines a double cleanse and deep exfoliation process using natural fruit enzymes and ultrasound, which dissolves dead skin cells to refresh the skin’s surface. Wrinkles and fine lines will soften and smooth with the 1 Minute FaceLift Organic Rejuvenation Oil and Facial Massage Technique. Your skin will look relaxed, and fine lines are instantly plumped and saturated in moisture.

*Includes a free sample of the 1MFL Rejuvenation Oil.

$80 ~ 60 minute treatment



A head & neck massage enhanced with Farmaesthetics Organic Lavender Rub*, a holistic blend of ginger, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lots and lots of lavender with its relaxing, antiviral, antibacterial properties to quiet the whole system. It is an excellent liniment for stiff or strained muscles due to over-exertion or inactivity -- both extremes can yield sore muscles. *available in our retail shop

$50 ~ 30 min.