[F] - Facial Friendly [M] - Massage Friendly 


Hot Stones [M] - Enjoy the added warmth and relaxation of hot stones to melt away tension in trouble spots. $15

Deep Tissue [M] - For firmer pressure or a more therapeutic focus to address specific concerns. $10

Aromatherapy [M] - Relax and inhale the benefits of essential oils to clear your head and ease your mind. $15


Dry Brush  [M] - Indulge with this exfoliation treatment that increases circulation while stimulating your lymphatic system - your skin will feel soft and your limbs alive and refreshed. $15

Scalp Energizer [M] - Take your relaxation a step further with an extended scalp treatment. Using our homemade Sinus Blend, your therapist focuses on eliminating any remaining tension, leaving you feeling renewed and restored. $15

Foot Masque or Foot Scrub [F], [M] - Enjoy a therapeutic foot soak before your treatment to begin your restoration at your foundation. $15

Collagen Eye Pads [F] - Talk to your esthetician about adding a collagen eye treatment to your facial $10


The following complements add 15 minutes of time to any treatment: 

Reflexology [M] - Feel the benefits of addressing specific pressure points on your feet that will encourage a feeling of whole-body wellness. $15

Extended Massage [M] - For additional work needed or just to extend your restorative experience, schedule some extra time with your therapist. $15

Extended Neck and Shoulder [M] - $15